hot stone massage - La Stone

Stones have been usage in ceremonies and treatments that are as old as the Incas, the Shang Dynasty in China of around 1500 BC and the ancient Egyptian pyramids.

Hot stone therapy uses heated and frozen stones to deliver the deeply therapeutic, relaxing, deep-tissue and cleansing treatment. La Stone therapy involves a spiritual element that opens up energy channels (Chakras) in the body, which unblocks memories and brings about spiritual healing. This natural basalt stone maintains heat for longer and release it slowly The treatment is ten times deeper and it lasts ten times longer then traditional techniques.

La Stone therapy uses volcanic stones for work on the body and also for placement under and on the body during the treatment.

Your set of heated stones has a “reading” for you: take time to learn what that message is…


Welcome to Aura Massage Therapy which offer a professional treatments in Edinburgh in the privacy and comfort of your own surroundings. Therapy treatments has been specially designed for you to restore balance and harmony within your body, mind and soul. The therapist is fully qualified and has gained a Diploma in Swedish Massage (VTCT) and a Diploma in Stone Therapy Massage (ITEC).